A basement music room is one the best basement ideas you can have if you are a musician. The basement is a perfect place for your band to practice or for you to be alone with your instruments and music.

If you want to do it right, you should soundproof your basement so that you won't bother other people in the house or the neighbors. Soundproofing your basement music room is something that will be hard to do yourself and you will probably need to find a professional to do it. It can also be expensive but if done right, it is worth it.

With the video game Guitar Hero being so popular, if you have a game room in your basement you might already feel like you have a basement music room. And if you don't have a basement you might wish you had one for your kids to go so they don't make so much noise.

The most popular place for a band to play is usually in the garage but a basement is the next best place. You can play your music loud and not bother too many other people. In fact, the basement is a great place for your music no matter what kind or style it is. If you just want to deck the room out with big speakers and rock out the basment is the place to do it!