We all know that basements are probably the coldest room in the house. They are often built in the ground which makes them cold and the insulation in basements is not always the best. Additionally, heat rises making a basement a very hard place to keep warm in the winter.

One of the basement ideas you might have for adding warmth is to install a Pic-A-Watt heater or another type of heating unit in the wall. Something with it's own thermostat would be ideal so that you can heat the basement independently of the house. Another option is to install a fireplace in your basement that can be turned on and off when needed.

Basement fireplace ideas include real fireplaces that burn wood, gas fireplaces, electric fireplaces and ventless fireplaces.

Vent free gas logs are relatively new and are now available but you need to be sure there is enough air in the room or keep a window cracked for safety. While these do generate some heat, they are mainly for looks and so probably not the best choice for any basement needing heat. You can find a selection of Vent Free Fireplaces on Amazon if you are interested

Both wood burning fireplaces and gas fireplaces require the proper ventilation so it is best to have a professional install them. It is never a good idea to cut corners with a fireplace and you really need to make sure it is installed properly. For maximum heat, these two choices are the way to go. If you have a gas fireplace you might think of getting one with a fan that blows the hot air out.

The last option is electric fireplaces that have come become more and more popular. While they do create less heat than gas or real log fireplaces, they don't require a vent and are much easier to install. All you need is a electricity outlet and they look almost like the real thing. If you have a small basement, an electric fireplace might be useful for adding some heat and a great look. You can find electric fireplaces for a good price on