If you are finishing your basement for the first time you might be having an issue with the ceiling. To complete any room, you need a nice ceiling and your basement is no different. What you ultimately decide on will depend on how much money you have to spend towards a ceiling and what type of a look you are going for as well. Here are some basement ideas for a great ceiling that will help to make the space look livable:

1) Drop ceilings or suspended ceilings - These are the fastest and easiest to put in but it will not look the best of the choices. With a basement drop ceiling you will have quick and easy access to all wiring, pipes, and any ventilation system you have put in. If you want to install an entertainment system complete with a super sound system in your basement, you can easily run all the wires in the ceiling for convenience.

Suspended ceilings can be made with tiles that hang and thus they cut down the room you have from the floor to the ceiling. They don't look as good as a drywall ceiling but it is usually cheaper and easier to install. Additionally, if anything goes wrong with the wiring or anything else that is up there, you have easy access to it all, unlike drywall ceilings.

2) Drywall ceilings - This would look like the same ceiling in the upstairs part of your home so this would give your basement a totally finished look. Most people would have to hire a professional company to come in and install a drywall ceiling and the cost could be a factor. You will not have the quick access to the wires and cables in the ceiling like with the drop down variety but you will have a much better looking basement that can match the rest of the house.

3) Stretch ceilings - These are usually put in commercial shops, restaurants, showrooms, hotels, and businesses. They are expensive and usually very artsy which means very few people would spend the money to put a stretch ceiling in their basement. Usually they are made of a polyvinyl material that is stretched into panels. If you want more information on them, I suggest you Google "stretch ceilings".