Any basement game room needs a big screen TV and a Nintendo Wii that the whole family can play. Any cool finished basement ideas will include a Wii game system. In the basement you will be able to arrange the furniture so there will be lots of room for all the jumping around and swinging you will do.

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Are your basement windows cloudy and worn with frames that you hope no one notices or compares to the rest of your attractive, stylish home? Basement windows are the same as any other window, there's just less wall space to accomodate standard sizes like you generally see throughout your home.

Basements are considered to be dark and gloomy and basement windows are perhaps the most neglected area in a finished basement. Basement windows are not often thought about when someone thinks about home improvement. Your home will look more complete as your attention to detail stands out with the installation of nice looking windows in your basement.

First off, it is important that basement windows keep water out so they must remain in good repair and seal tightly when closed. If you currently have leaks or drafts in your windows, it is time to consider purchasing vinyl basement windows. Old drafty windows can account for as much as 25 percent of your monthly heating bill, so it's very important to select windows with high-energy efficiency. Especially for poorly done basement windows, water can easily seep right through in and cause a disaster.

Generally you will get a lower price if you replace all of your basement windows at once. Vinyl basement windows are a great investment in your home that will pay off in many ways over time. Vinyl basement windows are an ideal choice for your lower level windows, as they are more frequently exposed to moisture than upper level windows. Installing vinyl basement windows improves the look of your home and its energy efficiency.

The purpose of basement windows is to make your basement a brighter, more friendly environment and the amount of natural light you get from them can influence the basement color ideas you might have. One of the best things about double-paned vinyl basement windows is how energy-efficient they are. Old and drafty basement windows waste a lot of energy through gaps and open sections. Today, basement windows come in a wide variety of types and styles so you can choose the right one for your interior design. Like other windows in the home, basement windows can be found in a variety of materials including aluminum, wood and vinyl.

The right time to replace your basement windows is before you finish the basement. Look for windows that have heavy duty frames, preferably vinyl for durability in all types of climates and ease of cleaning. While you would always lock the windows from the inside, you might also consider glass block windows or cross bracing that would prevent egress from the outside. If your house was built to code, it will be easy to find standardized replacement windows for your basement. To prevent higher heating bills, it is important that the windows seals have additional forms of insulation to hold in heat. If money is not a factor consider some nice stained glass windows, beveled glass windows, leaded glass windows or windows with brass designs.


If you have any musty air in your basement it might find its way up to the living areas up above. It is for this reason that you need to keep you basement dry and for that you need to pay attention to basement waterproofing. A wet basement is wasted space that you just can't use or enjoy.Did you know that basement waterproofing pays you the highest dividends out of all home improvement projects? The investment you make in having your basement waterproofed will be repaid by: increased property value, a new living space, and healthier living conditions. When you decide to sell your home, it will be to your advantage to have a dry, usable basement.

Over the years, basement waterproofing contractors and engineers have developed many different methods of keeping basements dry. One option for do it yourself basement waterproofing is to use concrete water proofer. Another very popular option is crystalline basement waterproofing and a third is PermaFlex. Methods of basement waterproofing include a liquid membrane which is applied to the interior of the space or a sheeting membrane attached to the exterior of the space.

The basement waterproofing industry is extremely competitive because the market is literally flooded with basement waterproofing products and basement waterproofing systems that DO NOT WORK. If you live in a part of the US that gets heavy sudden rains, then you will surely need someone to help you with your waterproofing needs as basement flooding cleanup can be quite costly. Quality installations and service assures the homeowner their basement waterproofing project will be done with professionalism.

You can learn what is causing your basement water problems and the the methods to repair a leaking basement by having a certified dealer give you a free wet basement inspection and estimate on the solution to your leaking cellar. It makes no sense to live in a home with an unuseable wet basement or a basement that floods once in a while. If you have been dealing with a leaky basement, no doubt you are ready to get something done about the problem and start looking for basement waterproofing professionals.

A dry basement will protect the investment you made in your home as well as enable you to use the space for storage or for a basement finishing project to gain additional living space. Sodium Bentonite clay is another common method of waterproofing a basement.


If you have an issue with basement mold and basement dampness, one of your options is to look into basement dehumidifiers. Keeping your basement dry is very important for many reasons and one way to accomplish this is to buy a dehumidifier that will keep your basement free of moisture.

There are many makes and models of basement dehumidifiers including Haier, Kenmore, GE, and Sahara. The bigger the space, the bigger the dehumidifier you will need to have it be able to effectively get rid of basement moisture. You can also try to waterproof your basement but even if you do, it still will be a good idea to cover all bases and use a dehumidifier.

Basement mold will ruin your basement and present real health problems as well. Buying a cheap basement dehumidifier is a great investment and one of those basement ideas that you should do if you have any problem at all with wetness. A great place to get one for a cheap price delivered to your door is here - basement dehumidifier.


One of the biggest problems with basements is that they tend to be cold and moist which leads to mold. Basement mold is not only ugly but it is also dangerous to both children and adults by contributing to allergies and asthma. Any basement remodelling ideas you have should address the mold factor and work to make sure it does not become a problem.

Many basements are made of concrete and are of course on the bottom floor sometimes even buried in the earth. This presents a problem of keeping that basement space warm and dry as concrete does let in moisture. If you can figure out a way to eliminate the moisture and keep the basement warm, mold will have a much harder time of forming. Mold typically is not a problem in warmer climates and does not grow in dry places.

Probably the best way to make the basement floors warm is to have radiant heat installed. This is easier if your house is new and still under construction. There are two kinds of radiant heat, hydronic and electric. Hydronic radiant heat involved warm water through tubes under the floor and electric radiant heat involves electrical wires much like your toaster. If your house is already built, electric radiant heat is by far the easier of the two to install.

Installing electric radiant heat is a great basement ideas because it kills two birds with one stone. Not only does it make it very difficult for mold to grow but it also does a great job of warming the basement. Keeping your basement warm at least a couple of hours a day will most likely prevent basement mold from forming.

Sealing your basement from the elements is another way you should be protecting yourself from mold and other harmful effects that can seep in. Make sure all openings are caulked and that there is proper ventilation around the foundation. You need to make sure that water does not form around the house and that there are gutters that move the water away from the basement foundation. Again, the idea is to make everything as dry as possible year round.

Make sure that there is proper ventilation in your basement and that the air is not stagnant. Stagnant air will contribute to moisture forming and keeping your basement warm and dry is the objective. Depending on the condition of your basement and what type of basement remodelling ideas you have will determine the amount of money and effort needed to make it what you have in mind. For more information on basement mold, please see black mold removal.