Basement Ideas - Basement Gym / Workout Room

Workout machines like treadmills, stair climbers, and elliptical machines are quite the rage right now. This is one of those basement ideas that really makes sense when you think about it.

Basements are very often the coldest room in the house and so there is no better place to put your workout equipment. Very soon after beginning your workout, you will work up a sweat and the cold room will not bother you at all .

Additionally, you can do as little or as much with your basment gym as you like to make it presentable. As this will not be a room to really "hang out" in, you don't have to put down a carpet if you don't want to. Or, if you do want to make it a great looking basement gym, you can do that too.

A basement room ideas like this one is also good for controlling the noise when you work out. As it will be away from the rest of the house, you can play your boombox as loud as you want and the noise of the machines won't be a problem either. You can put in a flat screen TV to make your basment workouts more enjoyable.

One important thing you must do, though, is to make sure your basement gym has a good ventilation system. Being down in the basement their might be no windows to open so you must find a way to keep the air fresh.

This basement ideas is a good one because it frees up another room in the house. Now you won't have to use your den or a bedroom for your workout machines. You can have a seperate place you go to do your basement workout and keep the family rooms available to do other things.

Basement Ideas – Basement Home Theater

This is becoming one of the more common basement ideas as new technology makes it cheaper and easier to build. Now that LCD flat screens along with awesome stereo sound is easy to find, a basement home theater is the dream of many.

Make sure you pick a flat screen that is proportional to the size of the room. LCD has overtaken Plasma in popularity now because the prices have come down and LCD flat screen tv has a longer life expectancy than Plasma. Remember, you want to buy a flat screen that is big enough to keep you happy for many years.

Many people forget that the screen is only half the experience of these basment ideas. If you get a great screen but have poor sound you will find you and your friends are highly disappointed. You need to get a high quality stereo surround sound system that will take advantage of the high-end sound capabilities of today’s DVD’s. Some of these systems are fairly expensive and you need to consider this before you dive in. For the best sound, make sure you mount your surround sound speakers on the side and rear walls.

Don’t blow all your money on the flat screen and speakers. Any basement home theater needs to have comfortable places for everyone to sit. Soft couches and chairs are a must to make this the room everyone wants to hang out in. A nice plush carpet also goes a long way in making the room visually appealing and comfortable. Basement ideas like the basement home theater are what make your home a special place to live. If you do it right, you will be rewarded for years.

Basement Ideas - The Basement Workshop

One of the most popular basement ideas is to turn your basement into a workshop. In order to do this, you need to have a basement that has a door to the outside. Otherwise, you will have to bring all your materials and projects through the house and down the stairs. So, the basement cannot be totally submerged in the ground.

You will need storage for all your tools so shelves will be needed and walls can be used for hanging storage spaces. If the walls are concrete, you will need to figure out how you can best attach shelves or hooks for hanging.

Any basement workshop work area needs to be big enough to be safe. If you intend on building things, there needs to be enough space to acually work. You should make sure there is room to use your saws and drills and what not and not jeapardize your safety. A cramped space will not work with basement ideas like this one.

Basement lighting is also an important safety issue. If you are going to be using dangerous tools (and most tools are dangerous), great lighting is a necessity. Natural lighting is best but since this workshop will be in your basment you might need some bright flourescent lighting on the ceiling. Lamps are OK but overhead lighting is the safest.

You will also need to make sure there are electrical units in places where they are accessable. Depending on the basement and whether it is finished, there might not be convenient electrical units in which case you might need to use tools with a Skil 18v battery.

Basement ideas like this one are great because they can turn your home into an enjoyable place to live. If you like working with your hands and building things, a basement workshop might be the right choice for you.