Proper ventilation is one of the basement ideas you should make sure to not overlook. There is not a lot of air movement in most basements and many might not have any windows. This means dampness and moisture is always a problem as well as the cool temperature.

When you have an unfinished basement, it may have some air ducts that protrude out of the ceiling that come from the central heating system. These air ducts might provide you with an air supply while they may also just be for returning cold air. If you aren't going to use your basement for anything, you might not be concerned about any ventilation problems you might have. But if you are going to finish your basement, you will want to get all the air circulating properly.

If you are going to be using your basement for a theater, guest room, play room, office, or game room you will want to make sure it has proper ventilation and heating. That means any hot air should come out at the floor level or near to the floor level as it is going to rise. This is why most forced air heating in houses have the vents on the floors. Your house will probably not have any heating in the basement and if it does it might be connected through the ceiling because the basement ceiling is really the floor of the main level.

You might look into getting something known as an air exchanger that keeps the air in your house fresh by exchanging it with the outside air. Many newer homes are built with this feature included in the central heating and cooling system. Something like that can be important for basement ventilation and keeping the air moving so it doesn't become stagnant.