Basement Ideas - Basement Lighting

Whatever your basement ideas, it is important to add as much light as possible to your basement. Basements are usually dark, cold, and dreary and so the effective use of light is very important.

The light you add to your basement can make a big difference in the "feel' of it. If your basement is above ground or partially above ground, make sure you take advantage of that by putting in some windows. Natural light is always the best kind of light.

Many basements have low ceilings and for this basement idea you need to make good use of artificial light. If you direct your lighting toward the ceiling it has the effect of opening up the room and making the ceiling appear higher than it really is. Choose your lamps carfully for both design and the colour of the light they emit. If you buy the right kind of floor lamps and table lamps, you will be suprised at the warmth they bring to a room.

Track lighting works well if you have a bar theme, a sports theme, or a game room type of theme to the room, Track lighting around the edges of the room can highlight pictures and paintings on the walls and give the room an exciting look.

Basement ideas like good lighting are important to build the best basement you can envision. As always, make sure you consult the whole family so that everyone can have a good feeling about the basment you are building!

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