Of all the basement ideas, using the basement for storage is probably the most popular. In most houses the basement is the last place to be finished and most people never even get that far and just use it to store things.

Items such as Christmas decorations, old toys, unused clothes, sporting equipment, and all other such items usually find their way to the basement. It is important to make sure your basement is water proof and damp proof otherwise many of those items may end up ruined.

Installing basement shelves will greatly increase the amount of storage space you can use and make it easier to get to all your items. If you pack everything in boxes and then stack the boxes, it is near impossible to remember what you have and where things are when you need them. A good system of basement shelving will solve that problem.

There are several kinds of plastic and metal pre-made shelves you can buy at places such as Home Depot. These are great to put up quickly and they will work well in any basement corner or against a basement concrete wall. They are relatively inexpensive and should last a lifetime. Something like this is the choise of most people.

If you are more adventurous and want something you can build yourself, you might build a stacked vertical shelving system. With this you will get a generous amount of horizontal space to store your things while using up very little floor space. This might be one of the best basement storage ideas if you don't have a lot of building experience but wish to do something yourself.

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Jewel Goodwin said... have a basement ... I wish. We are on the main level of a house with no basement. So much wasted possibility:(