Usually, basement windows are made of ugly metal frames that don't withstand the wet and dirty environments near the ground. Over time, these windows rust, leak, let wind in, and become really ugly.

Believe it or not, windows are a very important part of a basement because that is where all the natural light comes from and most basements don't have much of it. Also, basement windows provide some ventilation.

If the windows in your basement look old and dirty and are on their last legs, you should be looking for replacement basement windows. Vinyl windows can be put in to replace your old ones and not only will they look great, but they will perform better as well. Vinyl basement windows usually have two panes of glass, are air tight, and don't need any paint. They are built for that damp, dirty area clost to the ground where basement windows usually are.

Modern basement replacement windows are also energy efficient as well as rot and mildew resistant. They can be made from materials other than vinyl but those are less popular. Putting replacement basement windows on your home will help protect it from damage and decay at the lowest part of the house which is the basement. Any basement that is to be used for anything like a playroom, theatre, game room, bar, or any other cool basement ideas, need new replacement windows to complete the job.

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