The materials used most often to make basement walls and the foundations may allow water to get through. These porous materials also crack and that is something you need to keep on top of and fix.

First of all it is important to find all the cracks. You might have pictures, posters, or something else covering your basement walls and you need to take everything down to see if there are cracks. You should do this periodically as a part of your basement ideas routine maintenance.

Basement cracks can either be horixontal in nature or vertical. If you find a crack you want it to be vertical because that can be caused by the house settling and by differences in temperature. Vertical cracks are easier to repair and if they are very thin, there is probably no need to worry or do anything.

Horizontal basement wall cracks, on the other hand, can be much more serious and you should fix them right away. You may need to call in a professional for these as it is best to take care of them correctly. These horizontal basement cracks can mean some sort of structural damage.

You can find a product to fix these basement wall cracks at your local home improvement store and they they will mix and dry fast. They are good for filling in the cracks and you can ask your store what they have. They should also have all the tools you need to do it yourself if you like or if you are unsure, you should always call a professional contractor. To find the best most reliable contractor in your city, please take a look at Angie's List.

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