Basement Carpet Color Ideas

The carpet in any room covers so much living space that it becomes the foundation of the room's decor. You can choose to have your basement carpet colors neutral so that it blends in with fabrics and other surfaces, or you can have it be the vibrant focal point of the room. A carpet's colour will often reflect your style. One thing to make note of is that your basement lighting may have an effect on the color of your carpets depending on whether you have bright lighting or darker lights.

Your choice of carpet color is a very personal but some colors may work better in a basement. choice. Carpet comes in almost every color, pattern, and texture you can imagine so there is no shortage of choices. You may want to use a color that creates a special atmosphere in your basement or you might want something more basic.

The popular beige /brown carpet color works to make a basement room look spacious. Colors like blue, deep greens, and quartz have become popular but they may not be right for a basement. Remember, your basement may have no natural lighting and so you must pick a color that works well with artificial light. Warm colors work well in rooms that lack light and cool greens and blues have a calming effect.

Light colors will make the basement seem larger while dark colors do the opposite and portray coziness. With today's new carpet technology, lighter color carpets are easier to clean which is a good thing as you may want to try a lighter color carpet to brighten up your normally dark basement. It also may be a good idea to try to match your basement carpet color to your draperies or furniture.

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