Basement Ideas – Basement Bar

Most houses don’t have a large enough living area to do the type of entertaining that you would like. Turning the basement into an entertainment room / bar is one of those great basement ideas that will take care of that.

If you are going to entertain guests, you will need to make sure your basement has a kitchen area, a barstool or two for people to sit on, and other chairs and sofas as well. It should have a sink and at least a small refrigerator so that you can serve food without having to go upstairs every 5 minutes. Make sure the water coming out of the basement faucet is the same clean water that comes out in the kitchen. Basement bar ideas like this need to have a full kitchen capability.

The cold floors of a basment will most certainly not work with this basement idea! You will need to have basement carpet over those floors and this will give you a chance to decide on the way you want to present the room. The carpet can be a bright colour or it can be toned down depending on the mood you want the room to have. You will also need to decide on the type of carpet, one with a plush feel or one that is more office like.

Basement lighting is another important aspect of this basement bar that will help determine its character. Track lighting always seems to give a room an upbeat feel and if you are using the room for entertaining that will be vital. Most basements are dark and so you must figure out how to effectively illuminate the room. Make sure you have a lamp or two (maybe a Tiffany lamp) in the corners of the room to make the room feel bigger.

Just like the lighting, the color of paint that you use to paint the walls will help determine the mood of the room. You will probably want a lighter color paint that will give the room a festive appearance.

With all these decisions, it is best to consult all members of the family and try to get a consensus. When everyone contributes their ideas, it helps them feel they had a part in designing the room. This sense of involvement goes a long way toward building family bonding and ultimately helps the family as a whole enjoy this basement ideas!

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