Basement Ideas – His and Hers Basement Office

Many people have offices in their homes now days and what better place to put them than in the basement. One of the better basement ideas is make the basement into a “his and hers” office.

One of the advantages with this basement idea is that it moves the workplace away from the family and the family rooms. Too many people let their jobs and business interfere with their family life and by moving the den or office(s) into the basement you effectively separate the two.

You will need to make your basement into a home office that you and your spouse can enjoy and get work done in. Some tips to make this basment ideas into reality are:

Great Lighting – You need great basement lighting if you are going to make your basement into an office. You do not want to be in a place that is too dark and strains your eyes when you are looking at papers, reports, or a computer screen.

Ample Shelving – any basement office need a generous amount of shelves to organize your things. Shelves help you utilize your space and keep things in order. Basement ideas like this one are great because you can move many of the things that clutter the family rooms into the basement away from everyone.

Paint – Choose your paint carefully: you want a color that is professional looking to remind you that you are in your basement office. You don’t want to use a paint that is a dreary color but instead you want a paint that makes the basement idea look neutral.

Furniture – Comfortable chairs and desks are vital for a good work environment. Don’t necessarily get the same chairs and desks for both of you as each one of you might have a different idea of what is comfortable. It is a good idea to get the best ergonomic chair you can find that you each like. The important thing with this basement idea is to make sure that both parties are happy with their basement office and want to spend time there.

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